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Create a website that works for you.

Your website is your face to the outside world. This is what every potential customer sees before they do business with you. This is why having a responsive well-built and efficient website is so crucial to your business in this tech-savvy day and age.

So, what do you want your website to say? Websites need to relay who you are as a business. This combined with great branding and compelling content will be what drives customers your way. Having a website that is properly linked up to social networks and driving your branding is what every business needs out there.

Your website defines who you are as a company. Over 70% of your potential customer pool will judge the efficacy of your business at first glance at your website in under 5 seconds of visiting it.

Any professional web developer will tell you that a clear clutter-free website with easy-to-navigate options and a clear indication as to what it is you are offering and how a customer can go about obtaining it is the most important factor to any online presence.

Potential clients will not follow through with a purchase on a website that they cannot navigate. Many people have indicated that the most frustrating aspect of searching online for a service or product is being linked to a website that is unclear and has no clear follow-through to purchase or hire. You scroll and within 5 seconds you close and keep browsing for a site you can clearly navigate and get the answers you need.

So how do you know what you do and do not need on your website? 1. Clear and precise information. Your customers need to know what you are offering. 2. Clear branding. We need to know who you are and what you are about with no fuss.

3. Easy to navigate web page. Clients need to know who you are, what you are offering and how they can go about obtaining what they need.

4. Relevant with rich and engaging content. Keep your clients engaged with up-to-date information that is relevant to your brand that not only answers their questions but keeps them interested in finding out more. At TechConnectSA we understand that your website is one of your most important business tools and that ensuring this is done to perfection is crucial to your bottom line.

We pride ourselves in having an amazing team of creative Web Development professionals, who have the skills to develop a custom website that is content rich and up-to-date with the latest trends. With the skill to stay ahead of the curve on the latest website interfaces and designs, puts us above the rest.

Let TechConnectSA connect you to the world.

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