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Orenco Group partners with TechConnectSA!

Orenco is very excited to announce a new partnership with TechConnectSA, a company dedicated to providing excellence in technology sales and services.

As Independent Financial Planners, Orenco has only one loyalty – what’s best for its clients.

It was this core loyalty that brought together two great companies with one focus.

Client satisfaction!

Orenco was founded in 1989 by founder and current CEO Johann Krüger.

"In 1989, after 8 years in the industry, I decided to become an independent advisor because of the realisation that no single financial product provider can be the best in everything all the time.

Over the subsequent 32 years, my decision has been proven correct over and over, that independent advice remains the best way to put the interests of our clients first – all the time.” - Group CEO, Johann Krüger

The value of independence is often missed but the team at Orenco understands just how valuable it is.

Over the years Orenco has evolved to stay ahead of the game and offer clients only the best advice and service and today the Orenco Group proudly consist of 4 separate entities

  • Orenco IFA (Independent Financial Advisors) - consists of a team of highly experienced financial advisors

  • Orenco Life and Invest - Manages clients' investments and life policies with leading insurers across South Africa and abroad. A proudly 100% black female-owned company and B-BBEE Level 1 contributor.

  • Orenco Insure - Provides short-term insurance administration services to commercial and individual clients alike.

  • Orenco Trust and Estate Services - Drafting and managing of Wills and Testaments as well as setting up and managing Trusts on behalf of their clients.

With that being said, we’re very excited about our partnership with TechConnectSA and what this means for our clients and theirs.

Our strategic partnership with TechConnectSA means that our clients will have access to seamless end-to-end software services that now include,

  • Software Services such as YUDOmail: The TechConnectSA team brings decades of combined expertise to each portfolio they undertake and a passion for seeing you succeed. YUDOmail is the next-generation workflow, analytics, and email case management platform and optimizes communication and customer service

  • Quality Assurance Solutions: The SQA team focuses on your software quality by repeatedly executing various tests. Allowing you to competitively produce better software faster, ensuring that you can efficiently go live.

  • Website Development and Maintenance: The development of custom and professional website solutions, with powerful back-end management systems at an affordable price. Tap into the TechConnectSA expertise and they’ll make it work for your business.

What drew us to this collaboration?

Anna-Marie Stevens, Director, TechConnectSA answers this:

‘Our mutual understanding of goals, values and ethics is the foundation for this partnership

TechConnectSA understands the importance of customer-centric business practices and Orenco has commonalities with us in core business values and ethics.

We look forward to a long-standing relationship and the endless possibilities it brings to our mutual clients alike and know that the road ahead will be an exciting one, filled with great opportunities!”

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