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Surety through quality assurance.

Quality is something we all look for in our daily lives. We quantify quality vs quantity without even noticing we are doing it. But what drives us to search for quality?

In the current tech-driven marketplace we’re always targeting the next best thing. Be it the latest smart tech or the latest trending application. With this becoming the norm, tech companies are under the greatest pressure yet to develop and market, the next best thing, in record time.

Quality Assurance has become one of the greatest assets in the industry aiding tech companies with their development processes through testing to maximize optimum output with extensive quality = satisfaction ratios.

Quality Assurance is a crucial element in the technology development industry, monitoring, and testing throughout the process of development from beginning to end. This ensures all design and functional specifications are met through thorough testing, to ensure end-user satisfaction. With products being tested thoroughly, bugs and design flaws are then able to be repaired, replaced, or adjusted. In doing so, development companies are maximizing improvement through the testing process, ensuring requirements in product management and service integrity are met. This aids in error tracking, workflow regulation, and development process for favourable outcomes and optimum customer satisfaction.

Anonymous once said “Quality control is implemented to detect and correct problems when they occur. Quality assurance is implemented to prevent problems from happening.”

By having Quality Assurance as a part of every lifecycle of the development process, developers can be sure that they are efficient throughout the development process. In doing so the product is free of flaws, runs smoothly, and meets the expectations of the customer.

So, what is quality?

Joseph Juran (1904-2008) defined quality as meeting and satisfying/exceeding expectations. This definition covers the basic premise that Quality = Satisfaction.

Quality in any industry can be broken down into 3 sectors.

Quality control:

  • Specialized focus on creating the product with the intent of meeting specifications.

Quality assurance:

  • Specialized focus on ensuring all specifications are met before releasing to the public.

Quality management:

  • Specialized focus on ensuring all aspects of quality is adhered to across all spectrums of production to release.

TechConnectSA provides excellence in software services such as quality assurance. Allowing you to focus on your core business and competitively produce better software faster.

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